Adriana Ocampo Uria
Science Program Manager,
NASA Headquarters Science Mission Directorate,
Planetary Science Division

CSU Los Angeles

B.S. Geology (1983)

CSU Northridge

M.S. Geology (1997)
  • One of the foremost experts in space exploration and planetary geology. Responsible for the New Frontier Exploration missions, Juno Mission to Jupiter and New Horizons to Pluto. Born in Columbia and raised in Argentina.
  • Named by Discover magazine as one of the “50 most important women in science.”
  • Her discovery of the impact crater that brought about the extinction of the dinosaurs has provided scientific evidence that asteroid collisions can cause climate change and change the biosphere of a planet.
  • Dedicates her energies to improving international space exploration and narrowing the space science gap between developed and developing nations. She also devotes her time to mentoring students.
  • Served on the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers National Board of Directors, as principal organizer of the “Space Conference for the Americas," and space science workshops sponsored by the U.N.

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