image of Ravi Sawhney
Ravi Sawhney
President & CEO, RKS

CSU Northridge

B.A. Art (1979)
  • One of the foremost industrial designers of our time, his Psycho-Aesthetics℠ design methodology has helped design products ranging from mass spectrometers to cheese graters to cell phones.
  • Received five Industrial Design Excellence Awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America.
  • Prior to launching RKS Designs, designed the original touch screens for Xerox. He is a licensor of numerous products and design innovations, as well as being named on more than 100 patents.
  • Founded RKS Guitars with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Dave Mason. The open archecture guitar is one of only two products to be featured on the cover of BusinessWeek.
  • Through his company Intrigo, key innovations include the Lapstation, the LapstationB2 and the Lapstation Pro.

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