image of Una L. Morris-Chong
Una L. Morris-Chong
Radiologist, Women's Diagnostic Imaging Medical Group

Cal Poly Pomona

Zoology (1970)
  • Grew up in Kingston, Jamaica; determined to help others after losing her mother to illness at age 10, decided to become a doctor.
  • Competed on the Cal Poly Pomona track team and, after graduating, put herself through medical school while training for the Olympics.
  • Participated in the 1964, 1968 and 1972 Olympics, earning fourth place in the 200-meter race in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and a gold medal in the 1966 Caribbean Games.
  • Provides personal and financial support to Cal Poly Pomona's Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES) program, which promotes diversity among science students.
  • Owned and operated a Jamaican restaurant in the Pasadena area for many years.
  • Currently working toward completion of a law degree at Abraham Lincoln Law School.

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