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Anita Jones-Mueller
President and Founder, Healthy Dining

San Diego State

M.P.H. Public Health (1993)
  • Created and launched Healthy Dining in 1990, a San Diego-based, nationwide company that helps consumers find more healthful options at restaurants and helps chefs create more nutritious restaurant meals.
  • Began counting calories as a child for dad using a calorie counter book. Became fascinated with nutrition and as a nutritionist counseled people on making healthier choices when dining out. Started connecting with chefs to persuade them to offer more healthful options.
  • Created and manages HealthyDiningFinder.com featuring 60,000 restaurant locations with menu items under 750 calories, from fast food to fine-dining. Manages a team of registered dietitians that provides restaurants with nutrition analysis services, gluten and allergen identification, and consultation in reducing calories, fat and/or sodium.
  • In July 2011, launched "Kids LiveWell" platform on HealthyDiningFinder.com in collaboration with the National Restaurant Association.
  • Inspiring leader who delivers innovative nutrition-related strategies and solutions to help restaurants prosper while educating Americans to enjoy healthier cuisine.

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