Bill Graham
Bill Graham
President, Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital

San José State

Master of Public Health (1992)
  • As president of Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital, Bill Graham leads the award-winning Heart and Vascular Institute, affiliated with the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute; the Total Joint Replacement program; and the comprehensive emergency care department, which employs a telehealth robot to diagnose and treat stroke patients. For 25 years Bill has been part of Dignity Health, whose mission is to ensure that all patients have access to care, no matter what.
  • When Bill attended San José State in the early '90s, the AIDS epidemic was at its height. The disease drew many students into health care. Bill knew that he wanted a career that enabled him to make a positive impact in the community; health care seemed like a direct path to realizing that goal. 
  • While health care is far from simple or perfect, Bill appreciates the opportunities he has had in his career for intellectual challenge and collaboration. He recommends that everyone take time to learn about and understand the highly dynamic industry of health care since it affects each and every American. 

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