Find answers to the frequently asked questions about the CSU STEM VISTA program here.

The Selection Process

I will be graduating in the Spring. Is full-time work experience a requirement?​ No, candidates are not required to have full-time work experience. The majority of current VISTA members have had part-time work experiences such as on-campus jobs, sales and service industry experience, student leadership positions, and/or internships and research experiences.

I have a bachelor's degree, but it's not in STEM. Are you open to candidates with educational backgrounds in other areas? Yes. We look for a variety of academic, personal and professional experiences to make up each cohort and meet the needs of the VISTA projects.

When is the application deadline? You may submit an application, resume and cover letter from January to mid-May. All positions must be filled by June 2020. Applications are review​ed and positions are filled on a rolling basis. We encourage you to submit your materials as soon as possible. If you submit your application later in the Spring, there will be fewer VISTA positions to be matched with.

What does the VISTA team consider when making matches? The VISTA team considers the interest, skills and experience of the candidate, the needs of the VISTA positions and requirements of the AmeriCorps VISTA program. Learn more about the qualifications here .

May I choose my VISTA placement? During the initial and final interview process, we will ask you to share which VISTA positions are of most interest to you. We typically ask that you rank your top three VISTA positions based on your interests, skills and location preferences.

I am not able to relocate. Can I still be a VISTA member? This may not be a problem if you live in an area where a CSU campus is located. However, inability to relocate may significantly limit the number of VISTA positions options, which can affect your ability to be matched with a CSU campus team and VISTA position. Geographic flexibility provides more opportunity to find a VISTA position that is a good fit.

When would I start my VISTA position? All VISTA members must begin at their campus on July 6th. The start date is not negotiable. The full VISTA term is from July 6, 2020 through July 5, 2021.

VISTA Positions

Where will I work as a VISTA member? Candidates are matched with a VISTA position on a CSU campus. Learn more about the available VISTA positions and their locations here .

What is the time commitment required? The CSU STEM VISTA program is a full-time, one-year commitment. In addition to a highly demanding role at your campus that may occasionally require evening and weekend work, VISTA members must participate in the VISTA professional development sessions. Typically, this is four multi-day in person and several virtual sessions. Learn more about the terms and conditions of serving as a VISTA member here.

What type of roles will I take on as a VISTA member? VIST A positions and projects are determined by the CSU campus team based on their unique needs. In general, your projects and activities focus on eliminating equity gaps in STEM degree programs. You will help build the capacity and long-term sustainability of STEM student success programs and initiatives. VISTA positions are not direct service roles; therefore, you will not be mentoring, teaching, students directly but rather developing and enhancing programs and initiatives.

What is the salary range for VISTA members? You will receive a modest living allow ance set at the poverty level of the county in which you are serving. Find the living allowances rates by county here. Visit the benefits page. to learn more about the additional VISTA benefits.

Who do I c ontact for more information or with a specific question? Please email questions to vista@calstate.edu . Attaching your resume may help us better respond to your inquiry.