Campus Centers and Institutes

Campus Centers and Institutes (CCI) are research organizations affiliated with CSU campuses that offer non-credit instruction, information or other services to constituencies beyond the campus community, serving individuals, public organizations, and private agencies.

Guidelines for CCIs

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Annual Reporting for CCIs

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BakersfieldBusiness Research and Education CenterAngappa Gunasekaran
BakersfieldCalifornia Energy Research CenterAlan Fuchs
BakersfieldCalifornia Well Sample RepositoryTony Rathburn
BakersfieldCenter for Economic Education and ResearchAaron Hegde
BakersfieldCenter for Environmental StudiesR. Brandon PrattEnvironment
BakersfieldCenter for Social JusticeMark MartinezSocial Justice
BakersfieldInstitute for Religion, Education, and Public PolicyLiora GubkinEducation
BakersfieldKegley Institute of EthicsMichael Burroughs
BakersfieldPublic History InstituteMiriam Raub VivianHistory
BakersfieldPublic Service InstituteR Steve Daniels Policy
BakersfieldQuality of Life CenterTanya Boone-Holladay
BakersfieldSouthern San Joaquin Valley Information CenterRobert Yohe
Channel IslandsCalifornia Institute for Social BusinessAndrea Grove
Channel IslandsCenter for Community EngagementDennis Downey, Pilar Pacheco
Channel IslandsCenter for Integrative StudiesSunghee Nam
Channel IslandsCenter for International AffairsAndrea Grove
Channel IslandsCenter for Multicultural EngagementChristy Teranishi-Martinez
Channel IslandsEntrepreneurship & Small Business InstituteCynthia Sherman
Channel IslandsInstitute for Global Economic ResearchMiguel Delgado Helleseter
Channel IslandsOsher Lifelong Learning InstituteNicholas Fuentes
ChicoAgribusiness InstituteEric Houk
ChicoAgricultural Teaching and Research Center (ATRC or University Farm)David A. Daley
ChicoAmerican Language and Culture Institute (ALCI)William Dantona
ChicoCalifornia Mechatronics CenterNick Repanichhttp://www.mechatronicscenter.comTechnology
ChicoCalifornia Pavement Preservation Center (CPPC)Ding X Cheng
ChicoCenter for Applied and Professional Ethics (CAPE)TBD
ChicoCenter for Bilingual/Multicultural StudiesCharles Zartman
ChicoCenter for Communication DisordersSuzanne Miller
ChicoCenter for Economic Development (CED)Dan Ripkehttp://www.cedcal.comEducation
ChicoCenter for Enterprise Systems and Informatics Research (CESR)Thomas Wilder
ChicoCenter for EntrepreneurshipJudith Hennessey
ChicoCenter for Excellence in Learning and TeachingJoshua Trout
ChicoCenter for Healthy Communities (CHC)Cindy Wolff, Stephanie Bianco
ChicoCenter for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE)Brandi Aranguren
ChicoCenter for Regional and Continuing Education (RCE)Debra Barger
ChicoCenter for the Public Understanding of ReligionBruce Grelle
ChicoCenter for Water and the Environment (CWE)Jennifer Rotnem
ChicoGeographical Information Center (GIC)Jason Schwenkler
ChicoHumanities CenterRob Davison
ChicoInstitute for Research in Intelligent Systems (IRIS)Ben Julianohttp://iris.ecst.csuchico.eduEngineering
ChicoInstitute for Sustainable DevelopmentJames Pushnik
ChicoInterdisciplinary Center on AgingCeleste A. Jones
ChicoLocal Government Leadership Institute (LGLI)Elaina McReynolds
ChicoMcLeod Institute of Simulation SciencesRoy E. Crosbie
ChicoNortheast Information Center (NEIC)Carly Whelan Sciences
ChicoPassages Adult Resource CenterJoe Coberyhttp://www.passagescenter.orgEducation
ChicoPeace InstituteThomas Imhoff
ChicoRural Northern California Clinical Simulation Center (SIM Center)Rebekah Damazo
Dominguez HillsAmerican Indian InstituteCheryl McKnight, Rod Hay, Jimi Castillo
Dominguez HillsCalifornia Stem Institute for Innovation and Improvement (CSI3)Kamal Hamdan
Dominguez HillsCenter for Excellence in Knowledge Management and Computational ScienceMohsen Beheshti Science
Dominguez HillsCenter for Global Education (CGE)Gary Rhodes
Dominguez HillsCenter for History and Social Science EducationLisa Hutton
Dominguez HillsCenter for Innovation in STEM Education (CISE)Kamal Hamdan
Dominguez HillsCenter for Mathematics and Science EducationMatthew Jones
Dominguez HillsCenter for Service Learning, Internships, & Civic EngagementCheryl McKnight
Dominguez HillsCenter for Teaching CareersRita Hunt-Anderson Development
Dominguez HillsCenter for Training and DevelopmentDanielle Reevez
Dominguez HillsCenter for Urban Environmental ResearchRod Hay
Dominguez HillsCSUDH Infant-Toddler Development CenterTommetta Shaw
Dominguez HillsEconomics InstituteJose N. Martinez
Dominguez HillsFaculty Development Center (FDC)Kara Dellacioppa Development
Dominguez HillsHospitality Technology research Institute (HTRI)Natassa Christodoulidou
Dominguez HillsInstitute for Global Intercultural PeacebuildingTBD
Dominguez HillsMervyn M. Dymally African American Political & Economic InstituteAnthony Samad
Dominguez HillsMulticultural CenterLisa Sueki
Dominguez HillsOlder Adult CenterKara Dellacioppa
Dominguez HillsOSHA Training Institute Education CenterRaul Guzman
Dominguez HillsOsher Lifelong Learning InstituteLa Margo Washington
Dominguez HillsPublic Policy InstituteMarie Palladini Policy
Dominguez HillsThe Entrepreneurial Institute @ CSUDHMike Grimshaw
Dominguez HillsToro Learning CenterMaruth Figueroa
Dominguez HillsUrban Community Research CenterMatt Mutchler
East BayCenter for Community EngagementMary D'Alleva
East BayCenter for Economic Education (CEE)Jane Lopus
East BayCenter for Financial LiteracyJagdish
East BayCenter for Sport and Social JusticeMatthew Atencio & E. Missy Wright Justice
East BayCenter for Student ResearchJenny O Research
East BayChina American Business and Education Center (CABEC)Nancy Mangold
East BayGalindo Creek Field StationRobert Phelps Research
East BayThe Institute for STEM EducationTrina Ostrander
East BayThe Smith Center for Private Enterprise StudiesChristian Roessler
FresnoAmerican English InstituteCheryl Chan
FresnoArnold & Dianne Gazarian Real Estate CenterAndres Jauregi
FresnoBonner Center for Character Education and CitizenshipJacques Benninga
FresnoCalifornia Agricultural Technology Institute (CATI)Sandra Witte
FresnoCalifornia Mini-CorpsJuana Zamora
FresnoCalifornia Reading and Literature ProjectNicole Walsh, Patricia Sanchez Lopez
FresnoCalifornia Water Institute (CWI)Sandra Witte
FresnoCenter for Creativity and the ArtsCindy Urrutia
FresnoCenter for Irrigation Technology (CIT)Sandra Witte
FresnoCenter for Research and PublicationIgnacio HernandezEducation
FresnoCenter for Research, Evaluation, Assessment and Dissemination (CREAD)Taryn KohlEducation
FresnoCentral California Center for Excellence in Nursing (CCEN)Maria Gilbert
FresnoCentral California Center for Health and Human Services (CCCHHS)Jody Hironaka-Juteau, Donna
FresnoCentral California Children's InstituteCassandra Joubert
FresnoCentral California Social Welfare, Evaluation, Research and Training Center (SWERT)Martha Vungkanching Sciences
FresnoCentral California Sports Sciences InstituteScott Sailor
FresnoCentral Valley Health Policy InstituteJohn Capitman
FresnoCommunity and Economic Development (OCED)Ismael Herrera
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