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​​COAST Staff and the Executive Committee have released a statement on fighting institutionalized racism and promoting equity and meaningful inclusion in marine science for students from underrepresented groups. Please see our new website section on Anti-Racism and Diversity Resource​s​​ as well. 


​Leading CSU scientists including Dr. Arielle Levine (San Diego State), Dr. Rebecca Lewison (San Diego State), Dr. Crow White (San Luis Obispo), and Dr. Corey Garza (CSU Monterey Bay) are calling for oceans to play a greater role in policies, such as California's Green New Deal. More "blue policies" or ocean sciences options incorporated into the Green New Deal, making it what they call a "Teal Deal", will play a critical role in combating climate change. ​


​Dr. David Ebert, the Director at the Pacific Shark Research Center in Moss Landing, explains the focus point of his research on searching for lost sharks during an interview. According to Dr. Ebert, "Lost Sharks" includes "those species that are overlooked and mostly forgotten by the public in favor of the more charismatic and iconic species such as the Great White Shark.​" Dr. Ebert has discovered and named over 40 new shark species during his search for sharks!​

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