Anti-Racism and Diversity Resources
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​Updated August 3, 2020

Understanding Racism​

​​Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life (peer-reviewed scientific article) Posted 7/23​/20
Derald Wing Sue, Christina M. Capodilupo, Gina C. Torino, Jennifer M. Bucceri, Aisha M. B. Holder, Kevin L. Nadal, and Marta Esquilin​| American Psychologist (2007)​​

So You Want to Talk About Race (non-fiction) Posted 7/23/20
Ijeoma Oluo | Seal Press (2018)​​

Ibram X. Kendi​ | Nation Books (2016)​

Between the World and Me (non-fiction) Posted 6/18/20
Ta-Nehisi Coates | Spiegel and Grau (2015)

Race Matters: America In Crisis (news special) ​Posted 6/18/20
PBS Newshour (2020)

Seeing White (podcast series) Posted 6/18/20
John Biewen and Chenjerai Kumanyika | Scene on Radio (2017)

Ta-Nehisi Coates | The Atlantic (2015)

The Case for Reparations (article) Posted 6/18/20
Ta-Nehisi Coates | The Atlantic (2014)

Michelle Alexander | The New Press (2010)​

Twelve Years A Slave (non-fiction) Posted 6/18/20
Solomon Northup | Derby and Miller (1853)​

Benefits of Diversity

Evidence for a Collective Intelligence Factor in the Performance of Human Groups (peer-reviewed scientific article)​​ Posted 6/19/20
Anita Williams Woolley, Christopher F. Chabris, Alex Pentland, Nada Hashmi and Thomas W. Malone | Science (2010)

How Diversity Empowers Science and Innov​ation (special report) Posted 6/18/20
State of the World's Science (2014)

How Diversity Makes Us Smarter​ (article) Posted 6/18/20
Katherine W. Phillips | Scientific American (2014)

Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter​ (article) Posted 6/18/20
David Rock and Heidi Grant | Harvard Business Review (2016) 

Barriers in STEM, Geosciences and Ocean Sciences​

Race and racism in the geosciences​ (article)Posted 7/22/20
Kuheli Dutt​ | Nature Geoscience volume ​ (2019)​​

The Time Tax put on Scientists of Colour (article) Posted 7/20/20
Virginia Gewin | Nature (2020)

Laurie T. O’Brien, Henry L. Bart and Donna M. Garcia ​ | Social Psychology of Education (2020)​

John Pickrell​ | Science (2020)

Sam Giles, Chris Jackson and Natasha Stephen | Nature Reviews Earth & Environment (2020)​

No progress on diversity in 40 years (comment) Posted 6/18/20
Rachel E. Bernard and Emily H. G. Cooperdock | Nature Geoscience (2018)

The Diversity–Innovation Paradox in Science (peer-reviewed scientific article)​​ Posted 6/18/20
Bas Hofstra, Vivek V. Kulkarni, Sebastian Munoz-Najar Galvez, Bryan He, Dan Jurafsky, and Daniel A. McFarland | PNAS (2020)​​

Without inclusion, diversity initiatives may not be enough (peer-reviewed scientific article)​ Posted 6/18/20
Chandler Puritty, Lynette R. Strickland, Eanas Alia, Benjamin Blonder, Emily Klein, Michel T. Kohl, Earyn McGee, Maclovia Quintana, Robyn E. Ridley, Beth Tellman, and Leah R. Gerber | Science (2017)

What Can We Do? ​​


Implicit Association Test (online test) Posted 7/23/20
Project Implicit | Harvard University​ (2011)

J. Luke Wood & Frank Harris III​| Diverse Education (2020)​​​​

How To Be An Antiracist​​ (non-fiction) Posted 7/7/20
​Ibram X. Kendi​ | Random House (2019)​​

Long-term reduction in implicit race bias: A prejudice habit-breaking intervention (peer-reviewed scientific article)​ Posted 6/18/20
Patricia G. Devine, Patrick S. Forscher, Anthony J. Austin and William T. L. Cox | Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2013)

Claude M. Steele | W. W. Norton & Company (2010)

Higher Education and STEM

Asmeret Asefaw Berhe and Sora Kim | The Muse (2020)

Namandjé Bumpus​ | ​Nature (2020)

How to be an Antiracist Scientist ​(webinar​) Posted 7/23/20
Christine Montgomery | CSUPERB (2020)

Virginia Gewin​| Nature (2018)​​​​

Danielle Venton​| KQED (2020)​​​
Angeline Dukes, Elena Dominguez, and Autumn Ivy, PhD​ | (2020)​

Beth Mitchneck, Jessi L. Smith and Melissa Latimer | Science (2016)

(peer-reviewed scientific article)​​​ Posted 6/18/20
Joseph A. Whittaker and Beronda L. Montgomery | Innovative Higher Education​ (2014)​

Geosciences and Ocean Sciences

Strategies for Increasing Diversity in the Ocean Science Workforce Through Mentoring​​ (peer-reviewed scientific article)​​Posted 6/23/20
Johnson, A., M.J. Huggans, D. Siegfried, and L. Braxton | Oceanography (2016)​