Scholarships & Opportunities for ​Persons Excluded because of their Ethnicity or Race (PEERs)​

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​Updated December 23, 2020

Black and African American Students

EDUMED​ | General scholarships; medical & health scholarships; tips and career resources

Best Colleges​​ | Online programs; tips; scholarships for women; STEM scholarships and first-generation scholarships

Community for Accredited Online Schools | Financial aid advice; financial aid scholarships; grants and fellowships

Study.com​ | Financial aid advice; finding and applying for scholarships; scholarships , grants and fellowships

Asian and Pacific Islander Students

College Scholarships | Asian American organizations; funding; subject-specific scholarships

Scholarships.com | Asian/Pacific Islander scholarships

Best Colleges​ | Scholarship application tips; general scholarships; women's scholarships; LGBTQ+ scholarships; degree-specific scholarships; grants

EduBirdie | Asian/Pacific Islander scholarships and resources ​

Hispanic and LatinX Students

Fastweb | College scholarships

Scholarships.com | No-essay scholarships; low-income grants; doctoral scholarships; scholarships for women

Best Colleges | Financial aid for undocumented students; Hispanic-serving institutions; scholarships for graduate students, women and first-generation students 

The Mano Project​ | Initiative of the Hispanic Access Foundation | Programs; internships; careers

American​ Indian and ​Alaska Native (Indigenous)​ Students

Scholarships.com | Scholarships; no-essay scholarships; low-income student grants

College Scholarships ​| Federal programs; state-based aid; scholarships sponsored by professional associations; scholarships from tribes and advocacy groups

Udall Undergraduate Scholarship​​ | Applicants must demonstrate leadership, public service, and commitment to issues related to Native American nations or to the environment.​​