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The warming of the ocean from climate change has been redistributing marine organisms, including coral reefs which have declined by 85 percent in the last four decades. According to new research collected, coral reefs are retreating from equatorial waters and only certain types of corals are able to reestablish reefs in more temperate environments.


​California's kelp forests are currently being threatened by urchin barrens. At Moss Landing Marine Labs, Dr. Luke Gardner is leading an Aquaculture class that is investigating if collected urchins from urchin barrens could be sold to the global seafood market. This research could provide the framework to revive kelp forests while contributing to the sustainable seafood industry. 


​For the first time in nearly twenty years, Cal Maritime has added a new major​, the Bachelor of Science in Oceanography. Dr. Alex Parker, the associate professor of oceanography at Cal Maritime, states that “our graduates will be prepared to serve as leaders in the development of new ocean science knowledge and the ability to make responsible, evidence-based decisions for managing ocean resources.”​

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