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​Five CSU professors have received CA Sea Grant New Faculty Support funding! COAST has provided non-federal match to these new CSU faculty members whose research focuses on supporting the state of California’s highest priority marine, coastal and coastal watershed-related needs for scientific information. ​​


We are eager to support CSU graduate students applying to the California Sea Grant (CASG) 2022 Graduate Research Fellowships opportunity. To help students and their advisors meet the 25% non-federal match requirement, COAST will commit up to $5,000 per applicant (or 25% of the required match, whichever is smaller). See full details on the COAST website here.


​As climate change increases the temperature of oceans, Dr. Chris Lowe, CSU Long Beach, has researched the​​ effects of temperature change in juvenile white shark habitats. According to Dr. Lowe, there is a northerly shift in nursery habitat use because water temperatures within their preferred temperature range are becoming harder to find. ​

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