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Congratulations to Dr. Piero Mazzini, Assistant Professor of Earth & Climate Sciences at SFSU, for his recent award to study the impact of the San Francisco Bay Plume on the California north central coast. 


One of the world's largest sharks has been repeatedly sighted off Ventura and Santa Monica Bay. According to Dr. Chris Lowe, “it has really been 30 years since we’ve seen them in any numbers,”​ after the plummet in basking shark populations​ in the 1960s. 


​Dr. Patty Oikawa, and other collaborators were recently awarded a Delta Science Program Grant to develop tools to measure carbon sequestration in tidal wetlands. This project provides the first ever multi-year dataset of the complete carbon budget of a tidal marsh, which can predict seasonal and annual carbon sequestration in tidal marshes over a range of salinities. 

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