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Dr. Peter Edmunds and a team of CSUN biology graduate and undergraduate students studied the impacts of El Niño on Moorea's coral reefs. They found that not only did Moorea’s reefs survive, but the effects of El Niño coincided with the recruitment of new corals to the reef.
Dr. Jon Geller, Moss Landing Marine Labs, examined the rafting journeys of coastal marine organisms that were transported by the 2011 East Japan earthquake and tsunami. The work was featured on this month's cover of Science.
Drs. Danielle Zacherl and Jennifer Burnaford both hosted undergraduate students this summer as part of the Southern California Ecosystems Research Program run by Cal State Fullerton. In a three-week boot camp, students interested in pursuing careers in ecology and environmental biology run intensive short-term research projects in local ecosystems. Participating students also receive up to two years of faculty mentorship as they pursue their own research and travel to scientific conferences to present their findings.
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