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​COAST is delighted to announce the awards for Round 1 of our new State Science Information Needs Program. Dr. Eunha Hoh, Dr. Kari Sant, and Dr. Natalie Mladenov from San Diego State University and Dr. Chelsea Rochman, University of Toronto, will investigate the role of microplastics, including car tire particles, as transfer mechanisms for contaminants to marine and estuarine organisms.

Dr. Gerardo Dominguez​, Professor of Physics, CSU San Marcos will advance analytical techniques for identifying the smallest types of microplastics called nanoplastics in order to expand the understanding of overall plastic prevalence in the environment and regulators’ ability to adequately address risk to both humans and wildlife.

Both of these projects will begin in January 2021. More information may be found in our press release. Photo by Cole Brookson. Courtesy of Dr. Rochman, University of Toronto​


​Dr. Matt Edwards, San Deigo State, and Dr. Scott Hamilton, Moss Landing Marine Labs (SJSU), teams up with other researchers to document the northward migration of kelp forests due to warming waters.


According to San José​ State University professor, Dr. Rachel Lazzeri-Aerts, climate change is reducing the amount of coastal fog, which is creating a wildfire risk. ​​

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