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Call for Nominations to Executive Committee


COAST has ONE vacant seat on the COAST Executive Committee that can be filled by EITHER a faculty member OR an administrator. We are calling for nominations and will hold an election in October. If you are an enthusiastic, hard-working and engaged COAST member, please consider nominating yourself. Self nominations are not only allowed, they are strongly encouraged!!! 

Our Governance Structure allows any member of COAST to serve a three-year term on the Executive Committee (prior to 2016 only official Campus Representatives could serve). Serving on the Executive Committee is a chance to make a significant contribution to the continued development of the program. Executive Committee members provide vision and leadership for the program, help prioritize activities and make resource allocation decisions, develop new opportunities for CSU faculty and students, and review applications to COAST and make funding recommendations. Additional information on the Executive Committee and its responsibilities and procedures is included below. 

Executive Committee members participate in monthly conference calls that are held on the second Monday of every month from 9:00-11:00 am. Participation in these calls is extremely critical-this is where the EC does most of its work and makes decisions. Executive Committee members also attend a one-day annual retreat in January (planned for first half of January 2018, location TBD) and the Annual Meeting followed by an Executive Committee meeting in Long Beach in April (April 19-20, 2018-dates confirmed).

To submit your name for consideration, please submit the following to Beth Pardieck ( electronically in a one-page word document by Monday, October 9, 2017:
    -Affiliation (department, college, campus)
    -Contact information (phone, email, mailing address)
    -Links to your profiles on ReseachGate (, LinkedIn (, and/or your campus' website
    -Short professional biography 
    -Statement of interest (i.e., why you want to serve on the COAST Executive Committee and what you think you can bring to the group)

Please contact Krista Kamer (  with any questions, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Executive Committee
Anyone may stand for election to the seven-member Executive Committee. Executive Committee members will be elected by the Campus Representatives. No more than three seats may be held by administrators and at least four seats must be held by faculty members. Each Executive Committee member will serve a three-year term. Terms will be staggered to ensure continuity within the committee. Nominations for open seats will be called for and voted upon annually. If a Campus Representative is elected to the Executive Committee, they will retain their Campus Representative roles and responsibilities, including voting. If a non-Campus Representative is elected to the Executive Committee, they will not automatically be conferred Campus Representative status, though their campus is able to appoint them as such.

Executive Committee members are asked to serve in four primary roles:
1) Provide vision and leadership, and advise on program policy and governance.
2) Advance the program’s mission and overall standing by participating in COAST-related
3) Review solicited and unsolicited requests for COAST resources and make funding
recommendations in consultation with the Director.
4) Serve as program points-of-contact and mentors for member campus stakeholders.

The Executive Committee is responsible for developing the strategic plan, which provides vision and leadership and guides the overall direction of COAST. Executive Committee members are expected to participate in COAST-related activities including attendance at the annual meeting and retreat, participation in regularly scheduled teleconferences, proposal development, serving as reviewers for grant and award programs, and representation at prominent meetings, on panels, and/or in relevant working groups. In addition, Executive Committee members are expected to provide thoughtful, timely input and feedback to the Director to help prioritize program objectives and activities. As program points-of-contact, Executive Committee members should be informed about COAST programs and policies. The Executive Committee participates in the preparation, justification and submission of COAST’s annual operating budget for consideration of approval by the Chair of the Presidents’ Council. At any time, an Executive Committee member can call for discussion or a vote on an issue.

The Executive Committee will elect a Chair to a 12-month term. The Chair listens to all of the input from Executive Committee members and distills and summarizes the ideas to form consensus and provide clear direction to the Director. The Chair may be re-elected without term limits.

If a member of the Executive Committee cannot fulfill the obligations required of the position temporarily, they may submit a written request to the Executive Committee for a leave of absence from the committee for up to three months. The time elapsed during any granted leave will continue to count toward the duration of their term. If a member of the Executive Committee cannot fulfill the obligations required of the position for more than three months, they may be asked to step down from the Executive Committee by the Chair. In this event, the Campus Representatives will be informed, and a special election will be held to fill the vacancy. 

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