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COAST Student Internships Summer 2017

​​​Application Deadline: Monday, March 6, 2017, 5:00 p.m. PST​

Want to get paid to explore the ocean, develop new technolo​gy,
or help protect natural resources? 
Then apply for a COAST Summer Student Internship today!

The CSU Council on​ Ocean Affairs, Science & Technology (COAST) is offering paid internships for continuing CSU undergraduate and graduate students for Summer 2017. Interns will be placed with one of 14 host institutions where they will work side-by-side with professionals on current scientific research, policy, and resource management projects. This is an excellent opportunity for CSU students to gain valuable experience and technical skills while working with experts in fisheries, marine ecology, policy and marine technology!

New for 2017: You must submit a separate application for EACH internship you wish to be considered for. You may submit a maximum of FOUR applications.​​​​

Please click on the internship title in the table below for individual internship descriptions.​​​​

​​​​Internship Host​​Internship Title​Location in CA
​​The Bay Institute ​Ocean and Coastal Policy​*​San Francisco
​CA Department of Fish and Wildlife
Marine Region
Marine Invertebrate Fisheries Management​Bodega Bay
​CA Department of Fish and Wildlife 
Office of Spill Prevention and Response
​Natural Resource Damage Assessment​Sacramento​​
​CA State Lands Commission
Marine Invasive Species Program ​
Ballast Water Management​Sacramento or Hercules
Vessel Biofouling Management​ ​​Long Beach
​Channel Islands National Marine SanctuaryOcean Exploration​Santa Barbara
​Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary ​Benthic Science​Point Reyes
​Marine Applied Research & Exploration ​Marine BiologyEureka
Marine Engineering​ ​Richmond
​National Marine Protected Areas CenterMarine Protected Area Inventory​Monterey
​National Marine Fisheries Service 
Protected Resources Division
​Abalone Conservation​ (no longer available)​Long Beach
​Whale Entanglement​*​Long Beach
​National Marine Fisheries Service 
Sustainable Fisheries Division
Sustainable Fisheries​*​Long Beach
​​Ocean Aero, Inc. ​​​Electrical Engineering​ ​San Diego
Mechanical Engineering​San Diego
​Office of the National Marine Sanctuaries
West Coast Region
Deep-Sea Coral Initiative​Monterey
​​Remote Sensing Solutions, Inc. ​Coastal Flood Modeling and Prediction​Monrovia
Ocean Modeling and Prediction ​​​Monrovia
​Seatrec, Inc.Thermal Energy Generator​Monrovia

*​Internship stipend contingent upon federal funding

Applicants must be continuing CSU students in good standing. Applicants must still be students during the internship (i.e., must not have graduated and must be enrolled at a CSU for Fall 2017). Undergraduate students must have completed at least two full years of coursework by the end of Spring 2017 and be considered at least a Junior at the beginning of Fall 2017 (i.e., 60 semester units or 90 quarter units completed). Graduate students must be enrolled in a degree program. Both part-time and full-time students may apply. Applicants are not required to be U.S. citizens; international and undocumented students are encouraged to apply.​

Internship Requirements
Activities and qualifications vary with each internship. Each internship has specific preferred experience and capabilities, eligibility/requirements (including coursework, skills and physical capabilities) and is based in a specific area of California. If selected, it is expected that the intern will be able to relocate him/herself to the specified locale for the entirety of the internship. Several internships require working with data in an office setting and the core duties may be performed by students with physical disabilities or limitations while others require intense fieldwork and have extreme physical requirements such as​:

  • Carrying equipment up to 50 pounds,
  • Working in remote locations,​
  • Working out of small boats,
  • Controlling equipment and accurately and legibly recording data during harsh weather conditions.

Application Materials and Procedures
​Submit eac​h of the following as an email attachment to

  • Completed application form (.docx, 103 KB) for each internship (Note: You must submit a separate application for EACH internship you wish to be considered for. You may submit a maximum of FOUR applications.)
  • ​Transcripts: Submit your transcripts including GPA from all academic institutions attended (community college, undergraduate and graduate) as a single pdf with the file name ApplicantLastName_FirstName_Transcripts.pdf. Unofficial transcripts are ok. Note: If applying for multiple internship positions, only a single copy of your transcripts is needed.
  • Professional resume (two-page maximum): Su​bmit as a pdf file with file name ApplicantLastName_FirstName_NameofInternship.pdf
    • For t​i​ps on resume bu​ilding and example resumes, please visit our Resume Building page
  • ​​ ​ Letter of recommendation:
    • ​The letter must be submitted directly by a CSU faculty member to
    • The letter must be on institutional letterhead and signed by the faculty member.
    • Ideally, the letter should be submitted from ​a faculty member who knows you well and can speak to your personality and skills and elaborate on why you are a good candidate for this internship.
    • The letter can be addressed to CSU COAST.

Application Deadline: Monday, March 6, 2017, 5:00 p.m. PST. All materials must be submitted by this deadline.

Applicants should consult with appropriate personnel on their home campus concerning the potential impact of support provided through COAST internships on other forms of compensation already received from or through their university, including financial aid.​

Please direct all questions to the COAST Program Assistant, Jen Cormier (​).

T​his program is made possible with generous financial support from our host institutions. Thank you!