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Faculty Funding

Through funding from the CSU Chancellor’s Office and each individual CSU campus, COAST provides support to faculty members with the goal of facilitating and promoting cutting-edge research and professional development.

Grant Development Program

COAST aims to increase extramural grant activity through support to CSU teaching and research faculty to develop and submit full-length proposals for extramural funding. Applications should seek to advance our knowledge of marine, estuarine, coastal and coastal watershed resources and the processes that affect them. Funds are intended to support activities deemed necessary to maximize subsequent success in obtaining external funding in support of scholarly work.

The application period for 2017 is closed. Applicants will be notified of the status of their proposals by May 1, 2017​.

2017 Request for Proposals​​​
2017 Cover Pages​ (required for all proposals)
2017 PI Support Pages​​​ (required for each PI requ​esting support)
Prior Funding Report Form​​ (required for prior COAST awardees)

Projects funded to date

Rapid Response Funding Program

The Rapid Response Funding Program provides funding for projects that require a quick response outside of the existing annual COAST funding programs. Projects can include response to unexpected or sudden events, those that have a short opportunity to access data, facilities or specialized equipment, or problems that require immediate attention.

This program is not currently accepting applications for AY 2016-17. The call for proposals for AY 2017-18 will be released in the second half of April.​

2016-17 Rapid Response Fun​​ding RFP​​ (Revised 2/9/2017)
2016-17 Rapid Response Funding Cover Sheet
2016-17 Rapid Response Funding Signature Page
Prior Funding Report Form

Preliminary results from prior awards:​

 - El Niño effects on connectivity and recruitment (Drs. ​Crow White, Benjamin Ruttenberg and Danielle Zacherl)
​ - Evaluating the effects of sea star loss on intertidal communities (Dr. Jennifer O'Leary)​​
 - Elegant tern migration and El Niño (Drs. Andres Aguilar and Michael​ Horn)
 - Sea star wasting disease and brooding sea stars (​​Dr. C. Sarah Cohen​, ​Dr. Renate Eberl and ​Laura McElroy)​
 - Contaminant exposure in marine mammals (Dr. Rebecca Lewison and Marisa Trego)​
 - Valley fever in California pinnipeds​​ (Dr. Antje Lauer et al.)​
 - Sea star wasting disease and ​kelp forest ecology (Dr. Todd Anderson ​and Lynne Wetmore)

Projects funded to date

Seminar Speaker Series Program

The Seminar Speaker Series Program will provide funding to departments to host seminar speakers from other CSU campuses that they would not otherwise be able to invite. This program is intended to increase the exchange of ideas among campuses and ultimately lead to increased collaboration across campuses.

The application period for AY 2016-17 is closed.

2016 Seminar Speaker Series RFP​ (Revised 2/6/2017)
2016 Seminar Speaker Series Application​ (Revised 2/6/2017)
2016 Seminar Speaker Series Reporting Form

Projects funded to date

Short Course, Workshop and Symposia Funding Program

The purpose of the new Short Course, Workshop and Symposia Funding Program is to stimulate the development and hosting of short courses, workshops or symposia on any topic that falls within or is related to the scope of COAST. The short course, workshop or symposia should promote inquiry, learning, and analysis with the intent to increase the knowledge base and expertise of CSU faculty members and students in particular.

The application period for AY 2016-17 is open.

2016-17 Short Course, Workshop and Symposia Program RFP
2016-17 Proposal Cover Page
2016-17 Proposal Signature Page
Prior Funding Report Form

Strategic Investment Program

The new COAST Strategic Investment Program (SIP) is designed to stimulate CSU faculty members and research associates to seek external funding for significant, large-scale marine and coastal research or educational projects such as interdisciplinary centers or integrative activities that address major scientific and societal challenges across organizational boundaries. Awards are intended to support multi-investigator teams that will develop proposals seeking funding for substantial efforts that have the potential to be transformative, challenge existing paradigms, and seek solutions to grand challenges.

The application period for AY 2015-16 is closed. ​​​​This program will not accept proposals in AY 2016-17. 

2015-16 Strategic Investment Program RFP (closed)
Proposal Cover Page
Assigned Time Signature Page

Projects funded to date