COAST Student Internships Summer 2016

Ocean Aero, Inc. Electronics and/or Software Engineering Internship


Host: Ocean Aero, Inc., is a San Diego based engineering company focused on the next generation of unmanned ocean systems and vehicles. Ocean Aero specializes in the development of autonomous, highly persistent, energy scavenging, solar and wind powered vessels. The “Submaran”, a new class of Unmanned Underwater, Surface Vessel (UUSV), is a unique, highly ruggedized autonomous vessel completely powered by wind and solar-energy that can be configured with a wide variety of sensor and observational systems to provide essential information to environmental, academic, commercial and government organizations. The Submaran is the only UUSV of its type capable of both extended surface and subsurface operation.

Location: San Diego

Internship Dates: June 6 - August 19, 2016; start and end dates flexible with regard to student’s academic commitments.

Stipend: $4,000.00

Time Commitment: The internship is a full time, 11-week commitment. Over the 11 weeks, the intern may take up to five days off for personal reasons, vacation or illness. If participation is less than 100%, the stipend will be pro-rated.

Position Description and Responsibilities: The Submaran is the first wind and solar-powered unmanned vessel built for extended surface and sub-surface deployment. It can host a wide variety of information gathering sensors and data storage and communication systems. The Submaran was selected as a winner in the Aerospace, Security, & Cyber Technologies Category at CONNECT’s 28th Annual Most Innovative New Product Awards in December 2015. With the combination of wind and solar power paired with rechargeable lithium batteries, a Submaran S10 can be in service for months at sea.
One (1) internship is available working with engineers at Ocean Aero on either electronics or software challenges, or both depending on the intern’s capabilities. Specific tasks include (1) (electronics) develop skills to populate circuit boards and trace and correct faults and (2) (software) reverse engineer existing in-house code for logic flow diagrams.

Preferred Experience and Capabilities: The intern must have experience in C and Java. Must have knowledge of Unix and Beaglebone. Knowledge of user interface design, game controllers, Eagle circuit design, soldering experience, control theory, serial port and USB controls or drivers is highly desired. If time permits, some prototype testing will be done from both a boat and a dock in the harbor, so the intern should enjoy being on the water.

Skills Gained: Intern will gain hands-on experience in technology development in the field of ocean engineering and applications. Specific skills gained include (electronics) hands on experience with circuit analysis and debugging techniques and (software) clarity of communication of reversed engineered logic diagram and documentation.

Eligibility/Requirements:The internship is intended for upperclassmen (juniors/seniors) and graduate students. Applicants must have completed courses in mathematics, physics, engineering, and statistics. Interns must be able to keep excellent notes, get along well with others, maintain professionalism, and be reliable.

Applicants are also subject to additional eligibility and requirements that can be found here.

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