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​Aquaculture is still a rarity in California. The state has only four percent of the aquaculture farms in the country and makes up just six percent of seafood sales from aquaculture. However, numerous scientists, government officials, entrepreneurs, and nongovernmental organizations are working to change that.


​Over the past 10 years, COAST has awarded over 1,000 student awards through our various programs, including the Graduate Student Research Awards, Student Internships, Student Travel Awards and the Undergraduate Student Research Support Program. Check out all of our past student awards here.


​CSU Fullerton's Dr. Misty Paig-Tran is studying the unique filter feeding process of manta rays. This knowledge could inform better filter designs at wastewater treatment plants, which fail to catch microplastics. A filter inspired by the manta ray’s mouth might trap tiny pollutants before they escape into waterways and harm wildlife.

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