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​The populations of Pismo clams are declining at Pismo and Grover Beaches due to environmental conditions. A team of students and researchers led by Dr. Ben Ruttenberg, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo​, are working to restore the clam populations while involving the community in the process. Marissa Bills, a graduate student on this project and one of this year's COAST Graduate Research Awardees, is studying the growth rates of the clams!​


​Like switching to sunglasses on a bright day, some coral can swap in algae that are more tolerant of warmer temperatures. Dr. Cheryl Logan​, CSU Monterey Bay Associate Professor​, and colleagues have developed a model to predict how these corals might survive warmer waters as climate change continues. 


​The Western Pacific leatherback population off of California has been experiencing a 5.6% annual decline according to a co-authored study by Dr. Scott Benson​. This San Jose State and Moss Landing Marine Laboratory researcher has been studying what conservation efforts can be made to ​help with the unique threats this population faces during their ​months-long migration across the Pacific Ocean. ​​

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