Scholars-In-Training Background

Through generous funding from the U.S. Department of Education Hispanic-Serving Institutions - Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (HSI STEM) and Articulation Programs as part of a FY2016 award to CSU Monterey Bay (CSUMB), COAST is launching a new program to increase CSU undergraduate student participation in marine, coastal and coastal watershed based research. Scholars-In-Training will pair first and second year CSU undergraduate students with graduate student mentors. During the academic year, the undergraduate students will assist the graduate students with their thesis research and gain valuable hands on experience during a critical time in their undergraduate careers. ​

Undergraduate students who complete one year of the Scholars-In-Training program will be eligible to receive additional COAST funds to support independent research projects during their third and fourth years, which will better prepare them to pursue advanced degrees or successfully enter the job market. They can also apply to be mentors to younger undergraduate students. ​

More information​​ on Scholars-In-Training for graduate student mentors