About Us


The California State University Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB) mission is to develop a professional biotechnology workforce by catalyzing and supporting collaborative CSU student and faculty research, innovating educational practices, and partnering with the life science industry. 

We can make a difference by ensuring all CSU biotechnology students have access to an education that integrates experiential learning, especially team-based research or entrepreneurial projects.


CSUPERB provides seed grant funding, organizes an annual biotechnology symposium, supports biotechnology-relevant curriculum redesign efforts, and serves as a liaison for the CSU with government, philanthropic, educational, and biotechnology industry partners. The program involves students and faculty from Life, Physical, Computer and Clinical Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Math and Business departments at all 23 CSU campuses.


What We Believe

  • CSUPERB recognizes that biotechnology education requires the integration of disciplinary knowledge, hands-on practice, and collaborative, team-based projects. We know that these experiences are particularly effective at engaging and retaining students who are the first in their families to attend college or are from communities currently underrepresented in the life sciences. 
  • By working on solutions for real-world problems with CSU faculty teacher-scholars in the classroom and on collaborative research teams, all students can build a solid foundation for successful life science careers. 
  • CSUPERB partners with industry professionals, alumni, and biotechnology organizations to support the always-evolving life sciences industry and California's regional economies. 
  • CSUPERB knows that The California State University plays a critical role in California’s biotechnology ecosystem by educating its professional workforce but also innovating technologies that drive the growth and evolution of the entire industry.