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CSUPERB 2017-2018 Annual Report




CSUPERB is pleased to issue the Academic Year 2017-2018 Annual Report (linked here).

The report includes profiles of faculty funded by CSUPERB, as well as facts and figures about the program's competitive grant programs and the annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium.

As part of annual reporting this year, the program office developed a new, online data dashboard (linked here). The interactive dashboard includes detailed facts and figures, but most notably, reporting on CSU students supported by CSUPERB over the last decade. We think you'll be interested in where they are working, studying and living now. 

CSUPERB's new strategic plan discusses the importance of investing in and providing "access to experiential learning opportunities in biotechnology research and entrepreneurship.” We know these experiences are critical not only to student learning and success during college years, but also to career paths after degree completion. We find that >85% of CSUPERB-supported students continue on biotech-related educational paths or complete their degree programs. The vast majority of them follow degree-relevant career paths after graduation. Dive into the CSUPERB Data Dashboard to learn what they are doing now!

The annual report profiles ten different CSUPERB Principal Investigators (PIs) and their collaborative groups. Most have gone on to win follow-on grants from external funding agencies, allowing them to expand student opportunities at the cutting-edge of biotechnology education and research. 92% of students attending the annual symposium report that they do not have family members or close friends who work in the biomedical or biotechnology fields. Consequently, CSU faculty system-wide play a large role in biotech student success by providing deep learning, professional networks, and biotechnology career preparation to Cal State students. By working alongside accomplished faculty researchers, CSU students have exceptional opportunities to broaden their interests while actively practicing and building skills as professional scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. 

In addition to the short profiles in the annual report itself, this year we also feature science, motivations, collaborations, and recent achievements of five CSUPERB-supported research groups online. Follow the links below to learn more about the CSU's biotechnology education and research community: