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CSU Sacramento researchers publish green chemistry methods to make complex sugars




Three CSU Sacramento chemistry students, Dustin Dimas (MS Chemistry, 2018), Grace Paragas (MS Chemistry, 2016) and Kara Zeman (BS Biochemistry, expected spring 2019), together with their advisor, Katherine McReynolds, published a paper in a special Carbohydrates edition of the open access journal Pharmaceuticals  (Pharmaceuticals 2019, 12, 39)In the paper, the McReynolds group reports a new, efficient synthetic method to make carbohydrate-based molecules. The key is using a laboratory grade microwave. The green chemistry techniques used reduce the amount of time and materials needed to make biologically-important molecules, while also producing more of the desired products than usual methods. McReynolds won a CSUPERB Research Development grant to jump-start the project and won a follow-on National Institutes of Health grant to support the group's work. Dr. McReynolds is the current chair of CSUPERB's Strategic Planning Council and Faculty Consensus Group.