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CSUPERB Proposal Writing Webinar - Recording Available Now




​​​​CSUPERB program staff and community leaders offer proposal writing workshops during the annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium and during invited campus visits. Due to popular demand and thanks to new cloud recording technology, we finally recorded a webinar (56 minutes; available here) that we can share online for curious faculty and administrators system-wide going forward!

Susan Baxter (CSUPERB Executive Director) and James Schmitt (CSUPERB Program Administrator) gave a 56-minute webinar on Friday, November 15, 2019 (recording available here). We focused the webinar on the CSUPERB Seed Grant programs: New Investigator Grants, Research Development Grants, and Curriculum Development Grants. This year applications for these three grant programs are due Monday, February 3, 2020, at 5 pm pacific time. Our only caution to viewers of the webinar recording is that nuances and specifics shared on this video are time-stamped for the 2020 grant cycle. In future years, the specifics of each Request for Proposal (RFP) or proposal template may change. As we explain in the video, our #1 tip to potential grant proposal writers is to contact the program office (619-594-2822 or with questions before the deadline!

Use the list below to skip to specific topics covered during the November 15, 2019, webinar:
  • ​Portfolio of CSUPERB grant programs (1 min.)
  • Where do I find information about CSUPERB grant programs? (2 min.)
  • How do I get program news and updates? = subscribe to the monthly newsletter (2:30 min.)
  • #1 Tip for CSUPERB Applicants  (4 min.)
  • CSUPERB Mission (5:05 min.)
  • CSUPERB History (6 min.)
  • CSUPERB Seed Grant Strategy (6:45 min.)
  • Follow-On Funding Statistics (8:40 min.)
  • Where are CSUPERB-funded students now? (10 min.)
  • Where can I find data and numbers about CSUPERB grant programs? (10:55 min.)
  • AY 18-19 Grant Programs Data (12:16 min.)
  • CSUPERB Seed Grant Success Rates (13:24 min.)
  • Seed Grant Program Design & Goals (14:30 min.)
  • CSUPERB's Definition of Biotechnology (15:50 min.)
  • CSUPERB's Proposal Review Process (20:20 min.)
  • Who reviews CSUPERB grant proposals? (24:07 min.)
  • CSUPERB's generalist review panel design (25:13 min.)
  • How does a CSUPERB in-person proposal review meeting work? (28:40 min.)
  • How are CSUPERB funding decisions made? (29:44 min.)
  • How to read a CSUPERB Request for Proposals (RFPs) - (31:30 min.)
  • 2020 CSUPERB Seed Grant Program Review Criteria (35:28 min.)
  • Pay attention to special sections of an RFP (51:35 min.)

  • There are two in-person grant writing workshop opportunities offered during the 32nd Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium​ (Santa Clara Marriott) in January 2020.

    First - Katherine McReynolds (CSU Sacramento & Chair, Strategic Planning Council) and Miri VanHoven (San Jose State University & Strategic Planning Council member) organized a workshop (Saturday, January 18, 2:45-4:45 pm), including an NIH MocGrant Review & Advice for Writing Federal Research Grant Proposals. 

    In addition, CSUPERB will offer an in-person proposal writing workshop on Thursday, January 16 (6:30 - 8:30 pm), 2020, at the Santa Clara Marriott. We will cover similar information contained in this webinar, but will be able to consult individually with potential applicants in-person. You do not need to be a registered symposium participant to attend the CSUPERB Proposal Writing Workshop; the workshop is open to any CSU faculty member or administrator. If you want CSUPERB to visit your campus and give a proposal writing workshop, contact CSUPERB (619-594-2822 or

    All CSUPERB program data is available year-round at the Data Dashboard:​​

    Projects funded by CSUPERB can be searched year-round at the Grants Database:​