Dominguez Hills

Creating New Pathways for Sustainable Energy

Climate Change



Meeting growing energy demands is a matter of national urgency. Yet while buildings and their occupants are responsible for nearly half the energy consumed in the U.S., designing and managing energy-efficient buildings are both difficult tasks.

CSU Dominguez Hills assembled an interdisciplinary team to work with collaborators at the University of Southern California (USC) to improve energy literacy in a way that informs sustainable building design, while integrating and influencing occupants, designers, operators, and the buildings themselves to reduce energy consumption and keep occupants comfortable.

The project includes faculty and students from architecture, civil engineering, computer science, and psychology and represents a paradigm shift by incorporating sustainability goals into building design rather than focusing on improving post-construction energy consumption.

This project, funded through a National Science Foundation grant, broadens and deepens collaboration between CSU Dominguez Hills and USC. The tools and methodologies developed as part of this initiative will lead to related research projects, particularly for the planned Dominguez Hills’ graduate systems engineering program.

“Our faculty strives to provide our students with rich classroom and experiential opportunities,” says Dr. Antonia Boadi, who leads the project. “As a product of both CSU Dominguez Hills and USC [myself], it is my desire to establish a pipeline of students into doctoral programs.”