Long Beach

Aiding Recovery for Underserved Victims of Violence




The Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center, which provides services that significantly decrease Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, depression, anxiety, and functional impairment of its diverse, low-income clients, concluded a longitudinal study of patient outcomes.

The center, run by Professor Bita Ghafoori, strives to remove barriers to care for underserved victims of crime by creating a comprehensive model of trauma and mental health care for victims of crime and their families. The center includes a multidisciplinary group of community professionals, behavioral scientists, clinicians, and students dedicated to providing education, services, and treatment to victims of violence.

Trauma center teams work together with law enforcement and academics to study best practices for violence intervention. They also provide evidence-based, actionable solutions for victims of violence, educators, industry, government and other stakeholders.

Victims of crime and their families receive mental health services, community outreach, clinical case management, and assistance with crime victim compensation documentation. The center team coordinates with police, the prosecutor’s office, the district attorney’s office, the City of Long Beach, and community agencies.

The center also offers opportunities for undergraduate students to assist with outreach, education, and research. Graduate students pursuing master’s degrees in counseling, marriage and family therapy, and social work are trained in evidence-based, culturally appropriate, and trauma-focused mental health services.