Groundbreaking Research Has National Implications for Parking Policy




​​Professor Richard Willson in Cal Poly Pomona’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning has done groundbreaking work on parking policy and its impact on land use, urban development, transportation, and climate change. Dr. Willson’s research has culminated in two seminal books, "Parking Management for Smart Growth" and "Parking Reform Made Easy."

In the field of urban planning, Dr. Willson’s work has provided a crucial link between transportation and land use, and his research may have far-reaching ramifications for parking policy.

Dr. Willson continues to conduct research in transportation policy, planning theory, and educational assessment. His work is funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the William & Barbara Leonard University Transportation Center at Cal State San Bernardino, and other granting agencies. He has served as a research associate with the Leonard Transportation Center and the Mineta Transportation Institute at San José State University.

“I have followed the work of Richard Willson for a decade and am aware of the influence it has had on scholars and practitioners of urban planning in Southern California and throughout the country,” says Dr. Martin Wachs, distinguished professor emeritus of the UCLA Department of Urban Planning. “His work represents a critical link in urban planning between transportation and land use, which is one of the most complex, contentious, and politically charged topics addressed by planners.”