​​Digital Democracy is a first-of-its-kind, web-based tool to transcribe videos of legislative hearings and make the transcriptions readily available to users. Sophisticated metatags attached to the transcripts enable both quick searches and in-depth analytics.

A robust database also tracks individual participants' positions, donations, and gift histories. This innovative, student-built project is a product of the Institute for Advanced Technology and Public Policy at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Digital Democracy has also been discovered and shared on social media by journalists, advocates, and mobilizers. These legislative hearing video clips provide dynamic content for grassroots organizations, online media outlets, bloggers, professional associations, and government watchdogs.

Funded by $4 million in grants from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and a $165,000 grant from the Rita Allen Foundation, Digital Democracy was deployed free to the public in May 2015 to provide searchable video files of available California state legislative hearings.​

To date, Digital Democracy has transcribed more than 1,000 hearings representing over 2,000 hours of testimony.