Key Priorities for CSU Information Technology

The California State University continues to make progress on the Graduation Initiative 2025, accelerating student success and degree completion. The initiative represents the CSU’s commitment to remove obstacles to student success, enable students to experience transformation, and make a lasting impact on California. Because Information Technology (IT) permeates nearly every aspect of daily operations at the CSU’s 23 campuses, it continues to be a foundational element for many of the strategies the campuses have developed to achieve the ambitious GI 2025 goals.

In July 2016, campus IT leaders and the Chancellor’s Office Information Technology Services department (ITS) collaborated to define a set of guiding principles, visions and key priorities for a systemwide information technology strategic plan. The plan, “The CSU’s Key Priorities for Information Technology” has guided the CSU’s efforts for the last three years and enhanced innovation, enabled shared services, leveraged economies of scale, and improved communications and organizational effectiveness.

After three years of progress on the key priorities, campus IT leaders and the Chancellor’s Office ITS took stock of our accomplishments as well as reflected upon the ongoing efforts for the key priorities that have yet to be completed. The outcome of this assessment is a refreshed strategic plan that envisions continued momentum on many of our key priorities. It also contains some new actions to further enable information technology support for the mission of the CSU.

Vision 1:

Transformation and Innovation​​

With campus IT leaders at the forefront, the CSU can make strategic technology decisions and identify and support innovation that benefits the CSU’s more than 481,000 students.

Vision 2:

Shared Services and Achieving Economies of Scale

As the largest higher education system in the U.S., the CSU has the opportunity to reap significant benefits by not replicating services unnecessarily an​d by leveraging its size.

Vision 3​:

Organizational ​Communication and Effectiveness

 ​With so many stakeholders across the 23 CSU campuses and the geographical separation between campuses, comprehensive communication and effective collaboration are vital elements to the success of all systemwide technology efforts.

Graduation Initiative 2025

This ambitious initiative strives to increase graduation rates for all CSU students while eliminating opportunity and achievement gaps.

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