Vision 2:

Shared Services and Achieving Economies of Scale

Develop Data Repository for Improved Business Intelligence and Decision Making (a.k.a. CSU "data lake")

Collecting and normalizing the vast amount of CSU data (currently located in many separate technology systems) into one accessible location will enable the creation of customized dashboards, reports and predictive analytics. This enhanced business intelligence data will support academic and administrative information needs.

Benefits will include:

  • Strengthening the ability of CSU leaders to make strategic decisions
  • Creating a culture of fact-based decision making via data analysis
  • Integrating data types across business functions and eliminating knowledge silos
  • Establishing a repeatable process to grow and improve the quality and accessibility of organizational data assets
  • Providing data that can be used for predictive analytics for student success efforts


  • Create a single "data lake" for all relevant CSU system data.
  • Create clear communication about the data lake, its benefits, and roles and responsibilities for managing and accessing it.
  • Create a "semantic layer" of the data, or a business representation of the data that helps end users access data autonomously using common terms.
  • Provide authorized users at the Chancellor's Office and campuses with access to the data lake.
  • Use the data lake as the back end for Chancellor’s Office delivered dashboards and reporting.

Enable a Common Identity


Developing a unified, common CSU identity will optimize student access to CSU services and resources. The use of a common identity will also reduce friction and promote collaboration between the CSU, the California Community Colleges and other sectors. A common identity enables:

  • Improved student experience by providing easy, consistent access to resources and services for students
  • Improved administrative efficiency by eliminating processes and reducing errors
  • Improved long-term data collection by enabling accurate tracking of students' journeys, including across multiple institutions and even after graduation for enhanced alumni relationships and philanthropic opportunities


  • Develop a roadmap and guiding principles for the use of a common identifier within core administrative and educational systems.
  • Establish a common identity specification, for the exchange of identity verification among participating institutions.
  • Implement a master data system, operational practices and governance processes.

Create Shared Services


Enhancing efficiencies across all campuses by increasing expertise, reducing costs and putting in place common operating practices will allow the CSU to better use its resources. The system is uniquely positioned to leverage shared services due to the common hardware and software provided to all campuses by systemwide technology initiatives.


  • Develop a Center of Excellence for security and compliance and explore how existing individual campus security centers of excellence can be leveraged for the benefit of the system. -
  • Investigate the feasibility of using Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) offerings for shared security and network operations center services.
  • Develop shared research computing and infrastructure resources for faculty and student research efforts.



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