Vision 3:

Organizational Communication and Effectiveness​​​

Enable and Support a Technology Workforce Strategy

The staff that designs, implements and supports technology for the CSU are critical to the success of the institution. It is imperative that the CSU attract and retain a professional, engaged technology workforce by providing training and professional development, updating classification standards and collaborating across campuses.


  • Support Systemwide Human Resources as they conduct an IT classification and compensation review.
  • Establish an advisory group with members of the Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) to assist with the review and revision of classification standards.

    The group will focus on:
    • Collaborating on methods to attract and retain an effective IT workforce
    • Creating structured approaches to professional development including both technical training for common toolsets and IT leadership development
    • Establishing an annual CSU Tech Conference so that staff from across the system can work together to identify ways to collaborate and share talent
    • Forming special interest groups for common applications and incentive systems for collaboration
    • Improving capabilities to support already implemented technologies more effectively

Enhance Communications and Service Delivery Management


Superior communication can ensure the success of IT initiatives and facilitate collaboration and innovation. Campuses require clear, concise communication about the delivery of the many systemwide technology services supported by the Chancellor’s Office. The communication should be consistent and delivered in a comprehensive manner to the many technology stakeholders across the system. Communication among campuses is also critical and tools and methods to enable this should be a priority for the CSU.


  • Determine how enhanced communication can be combined with a structured, dedicated service delivery management function delivered by the Chancellor’s Office ITS.
  • Develop a comprehensive approach to communicating about IT efforts supported by the Chancellor’s Office. This should include the use of multiple channels to communicate and liaison with broad audiences such as academic and student affairs organizations, presidents, provosts, chief business officers, etc.
  • Adopt a communications tool that is easy to use, allows people to opt in and is searchable. Enable and facilitate collaboration and communication among campuses via this shared tool. -

Improve Technology Procurement


Information technology purchases happen every day on campuses. A lack of coordination between campuses on purchases means that opportunities to leverage the size of the CSU are being missed. Additionally, product research and lessons learned by one campus are not easily accessed by another campus interested in the same technology. Improving information technology procurement by focusing on collaborative purchases and transparency of purchasing data will save the CSU money and increase efficiency.


  • Develop a list of IT purchase categories that should have systemwide purchasing agreements and support the Chancellor’s Office procurement department in its efforts to conduct Request for Proposals (RFPs) and create purchasing vehicles for campuses to leverage economies of scale.
  • Create a searchable repository of IT procurement data that enables campuses to:
    • Easily determine the products and services that can be purchased via systemwide agreements.
    • Provide transparency for spend analytics so that campuses can discover vendors, products and services that have been purchased by other campuses.
  • Increase awareness of accessible technology requirements for information technology procurements.
  • Create a central repository for accessibility documents so that campuses do not need to conduct the review processes and acquire vendor documents independently 23 times.

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