Vision Statement

​As a system of 23 unique universities, the CSU faces both challenges and opportunities in delivering information technology. By leveraging the size and scale of the system, the CSU can strengthen its ability to deliver technology services that are critical to student success. This can be accomplished through:

Shared Services and Achieving Economies of Scale​

As the largest higher education system in the U.S., the CSU has the opportunity to reap significant benefits by not replicating services unnecessarily and by leveraging its size.​

Transformation and Innovation

With campus IT leaders at the forefront, the CSU can make strategic technology decisions and identify and support innovation that will benefit the CSU’s more than 479,000 students.

Organizational Communication and Effectiveness

With so many stakeholders across the 23 CSU campuses and the geographical separation between campuses, comprehensive communication and effective collaboration are vital elements to the success of all systemwide technology efforts.

Guiding Principles​:

  1. Reduce institutional and segmental barriers for students
  2. Enable data-driven decisions
  3. Enable intersegmental operability where possible
  4. Reduce costs, increase efficiencies and achieve economies of scale
  5. Share resources and foster collaboration
  6. Ensure privacy
  7. Increase communication and transparency
  8. Focus on customer service
  9. Enhance quality and strive for continual improvement
  10. Create a sustainable professional workforce
  11. Foster green IT