What We’re Already Doing

Increased Investment in Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative

The California State University (CSU) will further increase the number of mathematics and science teachers in California by committing an additional $10 million over the next four years to its Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI)​.

With more than 7,400 credentials awarded to teachers prepared by CSU in 2017-18, the CSU educates more teachers than any other university in the state and approximately half the teachers in California every year. CSU's efforts to increase the preparation of teachers—including a focus on quantitative reasoning, math and science teachers related to California's implementation of the Common Core Standards in Mathematics and the Next Generation Science Standards—has resulted in much-needed growth over the past few years. Through its Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative, the CSU has increased annual preparation of math and science teachers to nearly 1,000. To address the challenge, CSU will dedicate revenue from the university operating fund to roughly double its investment in MSTI over the next four years.

​However, per a recent study by the Learning Policy Institute, the state will need an additional 33,000 math and science teachers over the next decade. To address the challenge, CSU will dedicate revenue from the university operating fund to roughly double its investment in MSTI over the next four years.

CSU Bridge Courses in Mathematics

The CSU Bridge Courses​ were co-developed by high school mathematics teachers and CSU faculty to create a senior year course that fulfills a “c" requirement and serves as a transition to college-level mathematics and quantitative reasoning courses.  These courses provide an avenue for students to stay engaged with quantitative reasoning while improving their algebra skills depending on interests, skills, and goals.

Five CSU campuses are leading the development and implementation of these courses in collaboration with their K-12 partners. The CSU Bridge course is already part of the curriculum in over 100 high schools throughout California.

The projects help schools build capacity to increase college readiness, especially in STEM related fields. These courses are effectively filling resource gaps and addressing course availability needs in poor districts while expanding pathways for mathematics success.

All five projects fundamentally shift the way mathematics is taught in high school, opening doors for more students to be academically successful. These bridge courses offer an opportunity for high schools to offer multiple pathways to STEM, statistics and calculus as students' interests, knowledge, and skills are taken into account.

Adopting a CSU Bridge Course

The CSU is committed to helping interested California schools adopt CSU Bridge courses. These courses are already “c" approved. However, high schools would not be required to adopt a CSU Bridge course for students to satisfy this requirement. There will be multitude of pathways for satisfying the proposed “g" elective requirement.