About the CSU Foundation

The CSU Foundation Board of Governors shares a commitment to upholding and advancing the founding mission, vision and values of the California State University.

The mission of the CSU Foundation is to enhance the educational excellence of the California State University in teaching, learning, community service, and applied research.

Established in 1962, the CSU Foundation is the university's central foundation and serves the Office of the Chancellor. The CSU Foundation exists to promote the national, state and regional interests of the California State University. The Board of Governors represents a cross-section of business, community, cultural, and educational leaders with a shared commitment to uphold and advance the mission and goals of the university.

Board of Governors & Staff

Members of the Board, all leaders in their field and industry, work in tandem with CSU Chancellor's Office staff to ensure the highest levels of good governance, effective efficiency and consequential impact in everything we do.

Meet the Board & Staff

​Board of Governors Meeting Schedule

​Board of Governors Meeting
TBD June 2021

Executive Committee​
​Not Currently Scheduled

Audit Committee​ ​
Not Currently Scheduled

Finance and Investment Committee​ ​
TBD March 2021

Nominating Committee
​Not Currently Scheduled
Scholarship and Philanthropy Committee
​Not Currently Scheduled
Annual Meeting
TBD June 2021