Ralph R. Pesqueira, Jr.
Ralph R. Pesqueira Jr

Ralph R. Pesqueira, Jr. is vice chair of the CSU Foundation overseeing the Advocacy and Community Outreach Committee.  An alumnus of San Diego State University, Mr. Pesqueira has served as a member of the CSU Board of Trustees, first appointed in 1988 and then reappointed in 1996.  He also represented the CSU on the California Postsecondary Education Commission and has been a strong advocate for efforts to improve English and mathematics proficiency of incoming freshman.

Mr. Pesqueira is president of El Indio Shops, Inc. a family business founded as a tortilla factory in 1940.  During World War II customers from nearby factories began asking for ready to eat lunch items. Ralph Sr. responded by making the “taquito,” a word he coined meaning “little taco.”  Today, El Indio is well known around the world and has generously supported military troops by sending “El Indio Care Packages” into war zones.