New Generation of Educators Initiative

The CSU has undertaken the New Generation of Educators Initiative (NGEI), a model of clinically based teacher preparation, with support from the S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation.

Half of CSU campuses are participating in the NGEI and have received support from the foundation to implement partnerships with school districts that feature development of new teacher expertise in key skills through clinical experience at school sites.

Teacher candidates connect the knowledge and skills they are learning with the challenges of putting them to use with children in classrooms under the supervision of expert Master teachers.

Partnerships between teacher preparation and local school district partners equip beginning teachers to address California's rigorous new standards with excellence.

The New Generation of Educators Initiative features five Key Transformation Elements in teacher preparation:

  1. Deep partnerships with districts ensure an aligned vision of effective teaching and a learning continuum for teachers from pre-service through induction
  2. Identification or prioritized skills, knowledge, and dispositions for teaching and systems for measuring these skills that provide feedback to candidates and programs
  3. High-quality clinical preparation based on multiple opportunities to enact prioritized skills at carefully chosen school sites with rigorously prepared teacher mentors and coaches
  4. Feedback to teacher candidates that is data-driven, actionable and focused; Master teachers, CSU faculty, supervisors and coaches all routinely give calibrated feedback
  5. Data-driven continuous improvement based on data on candidate progress toward proficiency in prioritized skills, knowledge and dispositions and other key outcomes

The clinical preparation partnerships in the New Generation of Educators Initiative directly reflect the CSU's fundamental commitment to clinical preparation partnerships with K-12 school districts. Clinical preparation in partnership with districts is the signature of CSU teacher education.

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