Residency year scholarship

Residency Year Scholarship

​​For Equity and Excellence in Teacher Preparation

This $10,000 scholarship supported 270 aspiring teachers who are motivated to make a difference in their schools and communities. It helped these candidates access a clinical teaching experience spanning an entire academic year—adding to their credential with powerful real-world experience earned under the guidance of a trained mentor. Through the Residency Year Scholarship, teacher candidates focused on building their knowledge and skills with less need for outside work and less debt. ​

Residency Year Scholarship

This scholarship spanned the 2019–20 academic year. Applications are no longer being accepted. Funders interested in exploring a similar program are invited to contact the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

Why Residency?

The Residency Year Scholarship supported high-quality clinical preparation. Strong residency programs help candidates gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed on their first day as a teacher. Through this scholarship, candidates:

  • Were mentored by a carefully selected and trained teacher who models best practice skills and pedagogies.
  • Participated in the full arc of an academic year, preparing for the rhythms and activities of the school calendar.
  • Were supported by educators in their CSU and school district who collaborated to make the residency a success.
  • Gained experience in a school district serving low-income students, English learners, and/or children with disabilities.
  • Connected with others receiving this scholarship; learning with and from residents who share a passion to provide equitable education for all students.​


The scholarship was designed to serve candidates in CSU teacher residencies and was available to those committed to teaching in a high-need school for two years. The scholarship supported candidates with financial need who demonstrated excellent academic performance, significant personal achievements, and community service.

Scholarship award criteria for applicants:

  • Interest in teaching English learners, earning a bilingual credential, teaching in urban or high-need schools, or supporting students with special needs
  • Financial need as determined by the campus Financial Aid Office
  • Enrolled in a full-time equivalent teacher credentialing program and remain a full-time equivalent CSU student during the academic year
  • Good academic standing
  • In a Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist program at a CSU that participates in teaching residency programs

Stories of Impact

Read about the experiences of teacher candidates who received the scholarship.

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Scholarsh​​​​ip Report

Read the report on the Residency Year Scholarship for the 2019–20 academic year.

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Marquita Grenot-Scheyer, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Educator Preparation & Public School Programs
California State University, Office of the Chancellor