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What's in a Name? (Re)introducing the EdQ Center

It’s time for a fresh look at the Center for Teacher Quality!

The CSU system prepares great educators, and the Center helps make it happen. The Center has a history of innovation; since our founding in 2004 we have steadily adapted to meet the changing needs of CSU campuses. In recent months, with input from deans, faculty, and administrators, and investment from the S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, we’ve revamped and expanded our services in some exciting ways.

Today, we are reintroducing ourselves as the Educator Quality Center, or EdQ Center for short.

You may already know us for our surveys that help programs keep current with candidate, completer, and employer needs. We are now launching a comprehensive system of dashboards to provide individual campuses with the data that matters to their programs and program results. We’ve added data coaching services to help each program utilize this new tool to address its most vital learning questions and drive improvement based on its goals. We’re also creating pathways for programs to share knowledge and practice, and of course, we still continue to conduct evaluations and support program reporting needs. Our new name reflects our vision to serve all CSU programs that prepare education professionals, from teachers and principals to school counselors and librarians.

Our job is to help you turn data into action that meets the current and future needs of students, schools, communities—and educators!

Our updated mission is to build the capacity of CSU educator preparation programs through research, evaluation, and the strategic application of data. Let’s connect! We’d love to take your team on a tour of our new dashboard system—EdQ DataView. Join us at an upcoming webinar introducing the dashboards and hearing how campuses are beginning to put them to work. You can check us out and send your colleagues to our new REIMAGINED website. Please contact us anytime to explore ways the EdQ Center can be a resource to you.