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These resources help CSU campuses deepen their ability to apply data and improve educator preparation programs.

Learning Opportunities

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EdQ DataView: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet

A handy resource sheet that provides quick answers to the most common questions we receive about the EdQ DataView system and the Program Perceptions dashboard.

Download the Frequently Asked Questions Sheet

EdQ Program Perceptions: Discover and Explore Guide

A resource guide designed to assist you in navigating through the EdQ DataView Program Perceptions dashboard.

Download the Discover and Explore Guide

EdQ Program Perceptions Dashboards Sheet

A quick overview of key information about the EdQ Program Perceptions dashboard.

Download the Program Perceptions Dashboard Sheet

EdQ DataView Fact Sheet

CSU educator preparation programs are expressing a growing need for timely data to inform their continuous improvement efforts. Learn more about our Educator Preparation Data System.

Download the Fact Sheet

EdQ Program Perceptions Dashboard Quick Navigation Guide

Text here

Download the Quick Navigation Guide 

EdQ DataView Survey Findings

Stakeholders from 23 CSU campuses and the CSU Chancellor's office participated in a survey to help us understand their priorities for data and data uses.

Download the Findings

Content Matrix for Program Perception Surveys

A resource describing the item content of the three surveys reported on the Program Perceptions Dashboard: surveys of program completers, year one teachers, and employers of year one teachers.

Download the Content Matrix

EdQ DataView Campus Dashboard Coordinator Guide

A guide to help you identify your Campus Dashboard Coordinator.

Download the Guide

Quick Access Guide for EdQ DataView

A step-by-step guide designed to help you launch the EdQ DataView dashboard with ease.

Download the Guide


The links below are for CSU Staff and Employees; authentication is required.

EdQ Program Perceptions: Introductory Tutorial

A guided 20-minute introductory tour of all areas of the Program Perceptions dashboard.

Watch the Introductory Tutorial

EdQ Program Perceptions: How to Export Data Tutorial

A short 6-minute tutorial on how to export data points of interest within the EdQ DataView Program Perceptions dashboard.

Watch the How to Export Data Tutorial

EdQ Program Perceptions: How to Search for Survey Items Tutorial

A short 6-minute tutorial on how to locate key survey items of interest within the EdQ DataView Program Perceptions dashboard.

Watch the How to Search for Survey Items Tutorial

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