CO ATI Accessibility Resources

The Chancellor's Office recognizes the importance of complying with and ensuring ongoing maintenance of accessible technology policies and processes. As part of this commitment, the Chancellor's Office has developed a strategy to analyze and assess the current scope, address existing issues, create internal processes and policies, train employees, and maintain compliance moving forward.

CO ATI Steering Committee

The Chancellor's Office ATI Steering Committee was established to oversee ATI implementation, including setting priorities, developing plans and timelines, tracking or removing barriers to achieving program goals, and ensuring all required stakeholders are included.

The steering committee held its first meeting in July 2019. The steering committee consists of the following members:

Robin Wade, Senior Web Manager

Leslie Kennedy, Director, Affordable Learning Solutions and Academic Technology Services

Michael Berman, Deputy CIO, Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Mike Caldera, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Advisory Services and Special Programs

Arun Casuba, Executive Director, Strategic Sourcing and Chief Procurement Officer

Jeff Gold, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Success and Strategic Initiatives

Carrie Hemphill Reith, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief Counsel, External Affairs

David Kervella, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Learning and Development

Ray Murillo, Director, Student Programs

Meaghan Smith, Principal Planner, Project Manager

Mike Uhlenkamp, Senior Director, Public Affairs

Alison Wrynn, Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Programs, Innovation and Faculty Development

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