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Tell your State Senate and Assembly representatives that an investment in the CSU is an investment in our shared priorities and in California's future.

The CSU drives California’s economy with nearly 120,000 undergraduate and graduate students earning degrees each year: #ChooseCSU

The CSU is key to providing more job-ready graduates to California’s competitive industries than any other public or private university in the state: #ChooseCSU

In 2016-17, the CSU awarded approximately 99,000 bachelor’s degrees: #ChooseCSU

The CSU educates approximately 484,300 students and employs more than 52,000 faculty and staff: #ChooseCSU

An investment in the CSU is a direct investment in the state of California: #ChooseCSU

Graduating approximately 99,000 undergraduate students each year, the CSU is key to providing the workforce needed to power California’s economy: #ChooseCSU

The CSU has more than 3.4 million living alumni who are key to powering the economy: #ChooseCSU

The CSU’s #GradInitiative2025 is making progress on doubling our four-year graduation rate. Sufficient state funding is key to continuing this progress: #ChooseCSU

The CSU is key to upward mobility. Did you know that 1/3 of CSU undergraduate students are the first in their families to attend college? #ChooseCSU

CSU students' tuition debt is less than the California average and half the national average: #ChooseCSU

Enrollment in the CSU is at an all-time high! With sufficient state funding, the CSU can continue building on this progress: #ChooseCSU

Without sufficient funding from the state, the CSU will face adverse consequences including the slowing of recent advances in student achievement: #ChooseCSU

With more than 16,000 health-related graduates joining the workforce annually, the CSU produces 54% of all California health- or medical-related graduates: #ChooseCSU

Why #ChooseCSU? Because all 23 CSUs rank in the top quartile of the “Social Mobility Index,” with 5 campuses in the top 10: #ChooseCSU