What We Need

The CSU's student success plans require an additional $263 million in new investment from the State of California. The state's proposal -- about one-third of our total need -- doesn't even cover our most basic funding requirements.

CSU Operating Budget Request: $263 Million

The CSU's budget need -- an additional $263 million -- will support all of the priorities identified by the state as vital to the success of our students and California's future.

However, the state's budget proposal for the CSU provides only a 1.4 percent increase -- $92.1 million -- to our operating budget. This falls $171 million short of our actual need and is just half the rate of inflation.

Without additional funds from the state, the CSU will be forced to make difficult decisions to cover financial obligations, such as turning away eligible students, limiting our ability to hire needed faculty and staff, or increasing direct costs to students and families.

All of these difficult decisions will diminish our founding mission to ensure student access, inclusivity and opportunity. All of these difficult decisions will hurt California's future economy.

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