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Tell your State Senate and Assembly representatives that an investment in the CSU is an investment in our shared priorities -- and in California's future.

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California’s leaders in technology, agriculture, health care, manufacturing, entertainment, hospitality, education and more all depend on our graduates.

The success of California rests on the success of the California State University.

We agree. Our workforce-need projections, verified by third-party experts like the Public Policy Institute of California, the California Chamber of Commerce and the California Economic Summit, indicate that California’s dynamic economy requires an additional 1.1 million bachelor’s degree-earning professionals by 2030.

With a full commitment from the state, the CSU can stay on track with its Graduation Initiative 2025 plans to graduate an additional half million students by that date.

As the largest source of the state’s skilled workforce -- awarding 51% of engineering, 43% of nursing, 50% of business and 41% of life science bachelor’s degrees in the state each year, as well as preparing half of the state’s new K-12 and special education teachers -- the CSU is vital to the current and future economic success of the Golden State.

Join the growing community of CSU students, employees, alumni, donors, friends and advocates in telling Sacramento to #chooseCSU.

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