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Proposed 2017-18 Changes

2017-18 Tuition Increase

As a public university, the CSU isand always will befocused on ensuring that the State of California remains our primary funding source. At the same time, our ambitious goals to improve graduation rates, eliminate achievement gaps and ensure access to a quality education require sustained, sufficient funding.

As we continue our advocacy with state leaders, the CSU must also consider funding alternatives.

The tuition increase allows the CSU to recruit more faculty, hire more advisors and add more classes. It also increases the CSU's commitment to its State University Grants so that students who receive these grants are not adversely affected by any ​change.

Will You Be Affected?

The increases affect fewer than two in five undergraduate students.


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Why is M​ore Funding Needed?​

The CSU must hire more faculty and advisors, add more classes and enroll more students.


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2017-18 Tuition Increa​ses

See the approved increases for undergraduate, graduate and non-resident programs.


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Resources for Students

Many scholarships, grants, loans and work-study programs are available to help students with the approved increase​.

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Working Families Student Fee Transparency & Accountability Act

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