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tree like creature made out of clay

​​​​​​​Creature Workshop for Animation

Course dates

July 13 to July 26, 2020​

Application deadline

May 11, 2020​

Create your own 3D animated character creature using clay techniques combined with 3D software and scanning in a process that transcends from traditional to 3D.

  • Work closely with industry professionals and understand the character development and production process.
  • Learn to communicate visual concepts to help in the character design process.
  • Use traditional media and migrate into a digital workflow for character design.
  • Use 3D scanning techniques to capture traditional media into a digital realm.
  • Experience workflow using motion capture as a rapid animation tool.
  • Present your work in a public student showcase exhibition.

students sculpting creatures out of clay  


Undergraduate: MCJ 421, 3 units
Graduate/Post-baccalaureate: MCJ 621, 3 units​




Sophomore-/junior-/senior-level intermediate to advanced students, graduates and working professionals. You should have strong design skills, critical thinking skills and a desire to learn. This course is for those with a background in 2D drawing, character design, 3D modeling/sculpting and 3D animation.​


  1. Submit examples of your work. This can include 2D sketches, 3D model stills/turntable and/or 3D animations. Include a 300‐word bio and personal statement describing your interest in this course with a web link to your portfolio on a website with a demo reel. All items should be included in one PDF document with links.
  2. Submit/upload the materials listed in step one when you apply online by May 11, 2020.


Professor Frank Pereira

Guest Artists

Christopher R. Notbusch

Chris Adamson –

Chris Adamson is the senior 3D character animation specialist for the world leader in motion capture technologies and hardware, Xsens. As a product specialist, Adamson works directly with VFX houses, game companies, schools and motion capture studios, which include indie game titles and billion-dollar movie contracts. Some studios and projects he has been involved with include ILM, Digital Domain, Method Studios, Love Has No Labels, “Ted 2,” Marvel Film and Games, The Third Floor and many more.​

Christopher R. Notbusch

Christopher R. Notbusch –

Christopher Notbusch is the owner and operator of Notbusch Modeling, a custom collectible sculpting service. Notbusch creates custom sculptures taken from games, movies and real life, as well as original characters. He also walks thousands of people through his sculpting process via livestream, making character sculpting accessible to a vast online audience. Notbusch transforms the most fanciful and imaginative concepts into reality.

Daniel Cahill

Daniel Cahill –

Daniel Cahill is known for his work in video effects on blockbuster films, including “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Downsizing,” “Star Trek Beyond,” “It,” “Deathnote" and “Power Rangers: The Movie.” Cahill works extensively with 3D scanning and printing technologies, including LIDAR, photogrammetry and structured-light scanning. Cahill is an expert in taking a sculpted concept and turning it into a digital animation.

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