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Virtual events:

On-Demand Event / Panel / Industry Recordings: 
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​​March 2021:

2/25-4/29: The Academy Software Foundation has announced a free webinar series that provides students interested in film and technology with a look at careers in VFX and animation. Developers and engineers from studios including Netflix, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Pixar, and Sony Pictures Imageworks will share how they got started, what their current job entails, and the impact that open source software has had in their career, and so much more. Register today!​

3/2: AIS launch of their podcast: The Insiders - a series of conversations with innovators within entertainment technology and a response to the ongoing need for information due to emerging technologies and changes in consumer behaviors during COVID-19. The first episode to be released Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021, on the Google, Apple and Spotify podcast platforms.​​

3/4 @ 10:00am PST: AMA: The Business of Entertainment​ - Come and learn about the legal, accounting, and business affairs side of entertainment! 

3/5-6: The Sports Industry Showcase​ is designed to introduce a diverse pool of college students to the wide array of sports career options, develop their career potential and character, and to inspire them for their career journey.

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Day 2: Register here

3/6 from 9am-7pm PST - For the first time, The BRIC Foundation will host a virtual Global Talent + Innovation Day​, free to the public, and packed with live and on-demand keynotes, panel and salon sessions, case studies, skills training, and creator spotlights from the world’s most iconic entertainment brands.​

3/12 @ 3:00pm PST: SFSU's School of Cinema Presents: Women of Color in Hollywood Series Event #1 - Development & Executive Producing 

3/13 @ 12 PM PT: The Social Media Agency- Industry Series: Casting. Talking with the incredible casting directors Angelique Midthunder (Captain Fantastic, The Kid), Zora DeHorter (Ali G InDa House, Loving Annabelle), and of course the spectacular Jeremy Gordon about the current state of casting, social media, and so much more.

3/16 @ 5 PM PT: Launchpad- How to Get Your First Writing Job in TV- Learn from TV writers, as they break-down how they got their first TV staffing jobs.
3/18 and 3/25 @ 11 AM PT: Remote Control 2 Conference- Three-time Oscar-winning VFX supervisor Rob Legato joins us to discuss how he collaborates with directors on location scouting, scene planning and filmmaking while “on-set” virtually from his home, complete with a dolly, hand-held camera, pan and tilt wheels using Unreal Engine. Various speakers in schedule as well.​

3/18 @ 3:00pm PST: 
House of Blues M​usic Forward Foundation Presents: Now Streaming - Join their discussion for insight on the trends, tips, and tools that are empowering artists and reshaping the industry landscape.​

3/19 @ 3:00pm PST: SFSU's School of Cinema Presents: Women of Color in Hollywood Series Event #2 - Law & Finance

3/25 @ 9 AM PT: CSU Esports Unconference- This Unconference is an opportunity to learn about competitive multiplayer video gaming. Esports is a growing industry with enormous potential for shaping student outcomes, building on-campus communities and forging pathways to future-facing careers.

​​​​​​​April 2021:
​4/8-22 @10 AM PT: College + HBO Creative Jam Live - Join Adobe, HBO, and hundreds of college students to use your video editing skills in this storytelling Creative Jam.​

​4/16 @ 3:00pm PST: SFSU's School of Cinema Presents: Women of Color in Hollywood Series Event #3 - Agency

​4/21, 8 AM PT: SAVE THE DATE LA2021: Future of Creative Talent Summer Series. The Film ,TV, and Digital Media Industries are crucial to Los Angeles County's identity and economy, and will be integral in its economic recovery during and after the COVID-19 crisis. The LA2021 series will be held across 2 virtual summits throughout 2021.​

4​/22 @ 11 AM PT: Variety Entertainment Marketing Summit - Join Variety for a day of powerful virtual conversations​ with leading CMOs, executives and brand leaders discussing the entertainment industry's evolving digital trends, storytelling strategies and new platforms to deliver marketing messages.

4/23 @ 3:00pm PST: SFSU's School of Cinema Presents: Women of Color in ​Hollywood Series Event #4 - Creative

4​/24 @ 11 AM PT: Evil Geniuses Press Forward: Young Women in Gaming. Event will give students the opportunity to speak with women leading Riot Games, Blizzard, 343 Industries, and tier-one esports organizations to ask them questions and learn about the gaming industry. Free event, but donations are accepted.​

​​​​4/28: The Future of Entertainment & Events: A Higher Ed + Industry Summit - Hear from some of the biggest names in entertainment on trends, technology, and hiring, in a brighter post-pandemic future. Open to students, faculty, staff, and industry. This event will be invite only. 
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​​June 2021

6/9 @ 1 PM: Save the Date! The Power of Collaborating with VA - Minority Summit highlighting VA clinical training opportunities, VA scholarships and loan programs, and VA research grants, the summit aims to increase diversity of the VA workforce.



House of Blues Music Forward Foundation/Live Nation Music Industry Webinars - 
Ongoing events calendar​​

Sunda​nce Collab's Writer's Cafe: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9-10:30 AM PT from June 1- 29th 2020 - 
Writers from around the globe continue to converge on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in our Writers' Café for an hour of dedicated writing followed by an optional half-hour meetup. 

Sunda​nce Collab's Free Master Classes - Spend three hours with the best in the industry learning about all things filmmaking, exclusively on Sundance Collab.​ 

Sunda​nce Collab/ Film / Screenwriting Events Connect to Sundance Co//ab resources, events, and creators both online and in the real world​

Variety Screening Room 
 "Rebooting The Entertainment Industry" Events 

Winst​on Baker: We​binars on Entertainment related topics!

Since the start of the shelter-in-place, Winston Baker has been putting together some fantastic virtual events. You can find out about upcoming ones, or go back and watch previous (like an interview with SFSU Alum Danny Glover) at the link below. Many of their events are free, but if you want to attend one that costs, please e-mail Haley Seppa at​ for a discount code!

Writers Guild Foundation​ 
From panels to workshops, the WG Foundation is giving you access to the top film and TV writers in the industry in these free virtual events.



Behind the Scenes of Post-Production - Come and learn about Post-Production in Hollywood from leading experts in VFX, Color Grading, & Sound Design!​

TVOT - TV of Tomorrow Show | San Francisco, CA

Over the past few years TVOT and TVOT NYC have become the leading venues for agencies, brands, broadcasters, content-owners and adtech companies to explore the complex interrelationships between audience measurement, big data, and advanced advertising. The shows also provide multiple opportunities for TV and video professionals to examine the potential of significant new technologies, such as ATSC 3.0/Next-Gen TV, 5G, autonomous vehicles, Blockchain, artificial intelligence/machine learning, voice assistants, VR/AR, and more. Additionally, the shows have become one of the very few places where established TV players can meet and network with the creative and business communities that have emerged on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, TikTok and other social-video platforms to address the rapidly evolving viewing habits and programming preferences of Millennials and Gen Z.

Click here for more info!

TBD - SAGAftra 101 & Actors Panel ​ | Los Angeles, CA

The CSU Entertainment Alliance has teamed up with SAG-AFTRA to offer another exciting, informative and FREE event for Cal State entertainment arts & media studies studies! Learn from some of the industry's leading actors on how to go from campus to successful career & gain valuable insight into entertainment industry unions. Plus, FREE lunch!​​​

Click here for more info!

TBD 2020 - New Filmmakers LA | On Location - Exploring the LA Media Pipeline

This is a two week-long intensive class that will explore LA's role as the epicenter of the film industry and shed light on how to successfully create digital content. This course will provide a realistic, insider view into the world of new media production.

Please e-mail for more info!

​​​​ET Summit | Entertainment Technology Summit & Career Faire | Bay Area, CA 

The CSUEA and WINSTON BAKER will be teaming up to host a 1-2 day summit in Northern California, exploring the intersection of Entertainment and Technology.​

Please e-mail for more info!