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Career Resources

Internship & Job Postings


The CSUEA has negotiated a special deal for year-long memberships with, which grants immediated access to the newest jobs and internships in the entertainment industry.

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“There are several ways for students to gain experience in leadership and entertainment.  They should take courses related to, and try getting internships in, the field of their choice...   But they can also tap into available resources at their university and in their local industry or community – however big or small those resources may be – and leverage them to create value for others where it doesn’t currently exist.  Students can create platforms to help others learn and succeed.  If an opportunity isn’t available, then go build one with guidance and support from professors, mentors, and the CSUEA.” 

- Juan E. Rodriguez | Senior Manager, Product & Portfolio Management | Disney Media Networks 



The entertainment industry is about who and what you know. Conferences and festivals are a great way to learn more and network.

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Production Companies

From greenlight to opening night, find comprehensive production services & directories for film, TV, commercials, video & music video productions here.

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Unions | Guilds

Join membership-based labor organizations that represent the entertainment arts. Advantages of membership include access to valuable resources, support and labor protection.

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Networking Organizations

Explore membership in valuable organizations serving the arts entertainment industry sector. Many of these organizations aim to empower women to gain more visibility and success in a male dominated industry.

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Career Development

General resources from Academic Institutions, Animation/Digital Media/Gaming, Dance/Theatre, Film/Television/Mediamakers and Music.

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Trade Publications

Stay in the loop by reading these magazines and information hubs to get the latest industry news that will help you successfully network and keep up with the rapidly evolving industry trends.

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