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Internship Course

Most companies require you to be earning school credit while you are interning. 

We provide a low cost way of making that happen. 

This is a purely online course, available Fall, Spring, & Semester and we welcome students from any CSU campus at any grade level and up to two years postgrad.

Course Requirements

      • You must secure your own internship in order to participate in the course.
      • This course is designed for students who need credit or verification of being a student.
      • You are responsible for ensuring (with your counselor / department head) that your units are eligible for transfer to your CSU. Most are, but it is always good to be sure beforehand if the credits are something you need.
      • Students must complete a minimum of 100 hours per semester, which works out to roughly 7 hours a week. Make sure you schedule enough hours to fulfill this requirement. You can work more than 100 hours, if this is what is required from their internship site or if it is something you want to do.
      • Social Media Participation is required. Follow @CSUEA on TwitterFacebook, & Instagram


There will be a few suggested readings and videos about making the most of internships, writing resumés, problem solving at the workplace and preparing for interviews. These readings were chosen with the idea of empowering students as they prepare for the job market, including thinking strategically about how to approach it, and develop a thoughtful, organized, and proactive plan for job hunting.


    There are four forms you will need to submit over the course of your internship including:

          • A signed Internship Agreement with your employer
          • A midterm report (through Submittable)
          • A final report (through Submittable)
          • Supervisor's Evaluation* (This form is sent directly to us by the supervisor at the end of your internship.)