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Transparency & Accountability

The California State University is committed to ensuring that the citizens of California know how the CSU conducts business. To that end, the system strives to be accountable in all its dealings with students, faculty, staff, the community and businesses. This means sharing and updating information and making it readily available to the public.

​​Contracts & Financial Statements

See a list of vendor contracts, contract award dates, and financial statements for every CSU campus and the Chancellor's Office:


Financial Statements

Documents from the 1990s through to the fiscal year 2014/15 report can be found here.

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Internal Audit Reports

Find reports for a wide variety of departments—from Admissions to Title IX Compliance.

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Task Force for a Sustainable Financial Model

​This group was charged with creating a plan that ensures the financial future of the CSU.

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Student Success Fees

These campus-specific fees, adopted by 12 CSU campuses so far, are used to provide services to students.

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Accessible Technology

The CSU is committed to ensuring that the system’s programs, services and activities are accessible to all students, faculty, staff and the general public.

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Conflict of Interest Code — Proposed Amendment

This amendment will be presented for action at the November 2016 Board of Trustees meeting. Upon approval by the Board of Trustees, the amendment will be submitted to the Fair Political Practices Commission for approval.

Proposed Disclosure Categories
Designated Positions List - Proposed Changes
Designated Positions ​​​​List - Fin​al Draft​​
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