student success

Student Success

​​At the CSU, we work every day to help ensure one thing for our more than 481​​,200 students:

the timely completion of a rigorous, quality degree in preparation for a lifetime of achievement.


​What is Student Success?

  • Student success means improving graduation rates ​and ensuring more students get a degree sooner.

  • Student success means reducing the number of students who drop out of college before graduating.

  • Student success means making college more affordable to more Californians.

  • Student success means helping more prospective students understand what it takes to earn their degree.​

481,200 Students attend the CSU. 61% of first-time freshmen graduate in 6 years or less. 125,000 students graduate from the CSU every year

  • GI2025
  • Graduation Initiative 2025

    What is the California State University doing to close the achievement gap and graduate more students sooner?

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  • Basic Needs Initiative
  • Basic Needs Initiative

    Ensuring the success of the CSU’s students means helping them avoid food and housing insecurity and supporting their ne​eds beyond academics. ​

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  • Expanding Opportunity Through Preparation in Quantitative Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning

    The CSU is investigating a recommendation that would require incoming high school students, beginning with the entering freshman class of 2027, to complete one year of quantitative reasoning.

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