Deepika Goyal, Ph.D., RN, FNP-C

Faculty, Northern California CSU DNP Consortium


Dr. Goyal is a nurse educator, family nurse practitioner and nurse researcher who is passionate about maternal mental health, specifically among women of Asian Indian descent. She began her research in 2006 noting Asian Indian women were at a high risk for developing postpartum depression (PPD).Her doctoral work continued to examine PPD, specifically the role of fragmented sleep, infant temperament and socioeconomic status. 

More recently, her research findings suggest stigma, shame and a lack of knowledge regarding PPD symptoms may be keeping Asian Indian women from reporting the early (and most often easily treated) symptoms of PPD. Dr. Goyal's research continues to add to the postpartum mental health narrative regarding Asian American women's experience, mental health help-seeking behavior and preferred management of PPD. Her research findings provide clinicians with much-needed information to provide culturally-informed care that promotes optimal maternal-child well-being outcomes.

Dr. Goyal teaches courses in diversity and evidence-based research in the joint Fresno State-San José State DNP program and also serves as a DNP project chair. She also teaches research methods to undergraduate and graduate nursing students and continues to maintain a clinical faculty practice, working as a nurse practitioner in an ob/gyn office.