CSU Budget

The California State University has set historic goals — goals that require ample resources. Specifically, the CSU aims to redouble our efforts on Graduation Initiative 2025, increasing degree completion rates and eliminating the achievement gap at every campus.

Continued and increased investment from the state of California will ensure that the CSU’s tradition of inclusive excellence continues for the next generation and beyond.


  • GI2025
  • Invest in the Future of the CSU

    For California and the CSU to thrive, the state must provide sufficient and sustained investment.

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Student Fees

The CSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum. This site includes information about fee rates and waivers, student success fees, and the fee policy.

2018-19 Fee Rates
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Final Budget & Actual Summaries

These tables, organized by fiscal year, contain detailed campus budget and actual expenditure information.

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Enrollment Actuals

F​ind data on how many students enrolled at the CSU by campus and term; this information is used to estimate tuition revenue.​

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