Jessica Bodoh-Creed, Ph.D.

Outstanding Lecturer Award, 2019-2020
Los Angeles
Department of Anthropology

In every class, I send students out to the culturally diverse ‘field’ of Los Angeles to discover that you don’t have to travel far to experience other cultures.”

Jessica Bodoh-Creed is a dedicated educator whose research focuses on the “ER Effect,” which illustrates the ways in which audiences learn medical information from fictional television shows, celebrity physicians and pharmaceutical advertisements. She has authored The Field Journal for Cultural Anthropology, and co-edited and contributed to a forthcoming book The Everyday Life of Urban Inequality.

Bodoh-Creed conducts lectures for physicians as a part of their continuing medical education mandate. She is currently working on a new research project about women who are powerbrokers in Los Angeles.

At Cal State LA, she serves as project manager on the National Science Foundation Western Spokes Big Data Grant, sits on the Fulbright committee, is faculty sponsor for the Association of Student Anthropologists, and acts as a department lecturer representative for the California Faculty Association.